Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity and the LA Thetas Chapter collect dues annually at the beginning of the calendar year. By joining our Chapter at the start of the year, the Fraternity will consider you affiliated with our Chapter and you will receive your quarterly digital Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity Magazine. You will also receive exclusive event invites and discounted ticket prices, be able to participate on the Board, and vote in Chapter elections. Dues are collected to cover the general operating budget of the chapter, support our local collegiate chapters, cover the Alumnae Coordinator position, publish the Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine, and cover the cost of a chapter delegate at Grand Convention every two years. Should you choose to pay dues in the middle of the year, you will be expected to pay again at the start of the following calendar year.

Dues are determined based on your membership level. There are five different membership levels:

General Membership (all members who do not qualify as Recent Graduates, Life Loyal, or Thetas Abroad): $60
Recent Graduates (members who have graduated from college within the last five years: 2017 to 2020): $36
New Graduates (members who have graduated from college in 2021): $5
Life Loyal Members (members who have joined Theta’s Life Loyal Program): $36
Thetas Abroad (members who are traveling for an extended period of time or living internationally and wish to retain their membership): $36

To join, please send your payment one of the following ways:

- Send one of the above amounts to the LA Theta's PayPalMe page (best for mobile users).

- Click the dropdown menu and follow instructions on PayPal (best for desktop users):

Membership Levels

- Email our Treasurer at lathetas.treasurer@gmail.com if you wish to pay your dues via check, cash, or Venmo.